Cellulite massage treatment

In Chinese medicine water and fat buildup in the body occurs when the 'fire' and 'water' elements in the body have gone out of balance. i.e the body can no longer effectively eliminate fluids from the body. Cellulite starts forming when fat cells are able to push into the middle layer of the skin and becomes visible through the skin as lumps and bumps.

Chinese massage or 'Tui Na' is quite a vigorous massage and many of the techniques help to improve circulation in order to break down the cellulite. The hormonal imbalance that play a big part in the cause of the cellulite is also addressed by triggering various acupuncture points and improving the functioning of various meridians "energy pathways".

Depending on the severity of the cellulite, regular treatments over a period of a few weeks are advised to improve the body contour, firm up the skin and address hormonal imbalances in the body.


30min treatment

1 hr treatment

1.5 hr treatment (full body)





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