What to expect during a treatment

Treatments usually lasts between 45 mins and 1.5 hours. A full body massage will take approximately 1.5 hours. Chinese massage can be done with the patients clothing on or without. For a clothed treatment, wearing loose comfortable clothing is recommended. Depending on the injury or problem the patient may be asked to remove their clothing or at least uncover the area affected by injury. Therapeutic liniments such as "Dit Da Jao" are often used on injuries and torn ligaments etc. as it facilitates the healing process. The oils also help create the necessary 'heat' and circulation in treating certain conditions. 

Certain 'side-effects' may be experienced during or after a treatment. During the treatment patients may experience their nose starting to run or their tummy may start rumbling. This is actually a good sign as it is a result of improved circulation being achieved by the massage. Experiences after a massage vary from patient to patient but can range from feeling sleepy to feeling completely energised and recharged. Some patients may feel lightheaded for a while. This is due to the body adjusting to its new more harmonious and balanced state and will settle after a few minutes. The majority of the patients feel a strong mood and energy-level lift ± 20 minutes after the treatment.

Please note that 'tui na' is a remedial treatment and covers a wide scope of techniques which are adjusted for each patient and tend to be more vigorous than most conventional massage. Some techniques are extremely relaxing while the manipulation of sensitive acupuncture points or problem areas could be painful at times.


Back, neck & shoulders

Back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet

Full body massage 

Please note Tui-Na works on the same principles as acupuncture and Chinese medicine. For remedial purposes it is essential to work with the whole body e.g. you might massage along meridians and 'pressure' points on the legs to help resolve a problem on the back or shoulders.





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